My name is Maddie, I’m 27 years old, and currently living in beautiful Malmö. I studied art and graphic design in high-school, and continued my education in Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm.

There I learned about many different types of art, and more importantly – how to create them. I especially developed a soft spot for textile printing and VFX.

Needless to say I chose the VFX industry in the end, and applied for a two year Visual Effect course at Campus i12 in Eksjö.

As a part of the course, the students had to work as interns. We did this for the work experience, and to learn how to work in a bigger team, and communicate with clients.

One of my teachers wanted me to be an intern at his private company. I accpeted, and after 6 months I became the first permanent employe at Frank Valiant.

This portfolio is a collection of personal projects and commercial projects that I can share while working at Frank Valiant.