The Fruity Shop brand represents freshness, health, nature, tranquility, calmness, authority, humility.

I love fruit, I can eat fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to sit in a place like a coffee shop and be able to choose and order from different types of fresh fruits. Since the agricultural land for planting coffee in the world is limited I think we need to switch from coffee to something else, and what is better option than fruit. In the meanwhile, the consumption of more fruit will have better impact for environment.

The idea is to having a fruit shop, and people are able to sit there as long as they want, since It just a place full of fruits kids also can sit in the coffee and enjoy reading and playing there.

The menu is full of fresh fruits and will seasonally change. People can choose as many as fruits they want and mix them and make their own smoothy recipes. Of course there will be some suggestions included in the menu.

For presenting my idea, I have developed fruity shop branding (logo, colour combination, menu, etc.. ) At the same time I made some smoothies and took some pictures to show how the product should look like. It was fun and so delicious.

For presenting the business, I handmade some fruits out of paper (I designed, cut, fold and glue every one of them).